Video: How Clear Aligners Work

This video, the first in our Basics of ClearCorrect Series, explains the process and biology of clear aligner therapy. Check it out!


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ClearCorrect has an online store filled with promotional items, helpful kits for use in treating patients and many other useful products. If you find that you need something, check the store - we may just have what you're looking for!

The store can be found at

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Video: Causes of malocclusion - harmful habits

Some malocclusions are caused by a patient's behavior and it takes a bit of detective work to identify the signs of these harmful habits. In this final video of our Basics of Orthodontics series, we discuss these various harmful habits, what to look for and how you can prepare if you see the signs in your patient. 


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New features available now

Earlier this year, we announced that we were going to start rolling out a number of changes to our terms and conditions. Well, we're excited to let you know that these changes are now in effect!

The new terms & conditions are available on ClearComm. Here's a quick summary of the changes going into effect:

  • You're not obligated to pay until you approve a treatment setup
  • You can ask us to recommend a case type
  • We're shipping up to 12 steps at a time
  • You can customize your wear schedule
  • The Starter Kit has been incorporated into Phase 1
  • Multiple sets of retainers now available
  • Discounts are available for case submissions using intraoral scans
  • Volume discounts start at 5 cases per quarter
  • Limited revisions are a flat rate of $120 plus shipping, instead of $240 per phase
  • Lab fees for Limited 6 and Limited 12 cases remain unchanged, while Unlimited lab fees are increased by $100

Your current cases will keep shipping in four-step phases, as originally scheduled. If you request a revision to a case that was submitted under previous terms, it will be available at the new reduced rate (still free, of course, for Unlimited cases until they close). When you request a revision you will be required to approve the setup. After a revision, you will start receiving up to 12 steps per phase, and the step numbering will change to sequential numeric steps. Replacements and retainers are also available for current cases at the new reduced rates.

If you have any questions feel free to contact one of our support representatives on our Help Center or call us at 888-331-3323.

ClearCorrect case study: Dr. Matthew Fortna

ClearCorrect provider Dr. Matthew Fortna, DMD recently wrote a case study for Orthodontic Practice US on one of his ClearCorrect cases:

ClearCorrect as a solution when traditional bracket bonding fails

Video: Causes of Malocclusion - Skeletal Problems

Check out the next video in our Basics of Orthodontics series, Causes of Malocclusion - Skeletal Problems. This video contains helpful information about the various classes of skeletal patterns, the 5 key regions of the craniofacial part of the skeleton, and more.

On a side note, have you ever wondered:

Why does ClearCorrect require both arches and a bite registration, even for single-arch cases?

We require impressions of both arches and a bite registration so that we can make sure that the teeth are occluded accurately.

Of course, intraoral scans are even more accurate and also get processed faster. We still require articulated scans of both arches for all cases, even if you’re only treating one arch.

We hope you found this information useful.

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Introducing live support chat

We're happy to introduce a feature allowing you to chat live with our support reps, now available on the Help Center and ClearComm.

Just look for the green Help button at the lower right of each page:


When you click it, you'll be asked what you need help with:


Support articles that might be relevant will be suggested first—if those don't work for you, try "Live chat."


If it's your first time using the chat feature, you'll be prompted to introduce yourself. Then you can post your question:


A support rep should be available to help you within no time:


Support reps are available to take your chats, emails, and calls from 7 AM - 7 PM Central Time. You can also help yourself anytime by perusing the Help Center at

Video: Marketing Inside the Practice

Looking for some tips on marketing ClearCorrect in your practice? Check out this video that offers suggestions to help increase sales and promote your services. From conversation starters to placement of promotional material, this video is full of great ideas.

If you're interested in any of the marketing items in this video check out our Marketing Kit on our online store.

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ClearCorrect editorial: Dr. James Vogler

ClearCorrect case study: Dr. David Wohl

ClearCorrect provider Dr. David Wohl, DDS recently wrote a case study for Australasian Dental Practice Magazine on one of his ClearCorrect cases which utilized a Trios scanner for intraoral scans:

ClearCorrect: the doctor-friendly alternative in clear aligners

U.S. Patent Office sides with ClearCorrect to reexamine Invisalign patent portfolio

USPTO finds significant questions of patentability exist relative to Align Technology’s patents and moves to cancel key claims

Round Rock, TX - June 17, 2015 - ClearCorrect, LLC, a leading manufacturer of clear aligners, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has granted ClearCorrect’s request for reexamination of U.S. Patents 6,217,325 (the “’325 patent”); 8,070,487 (the “‘487 patent”); and 6,722,880 (the “‘880 patent”), assigned to Align Technology, Inc.

ClearCorrect’s evidence of unpatentability has been accepted by the USPTO across all challenged patents. A formal rejection of the claims of the ‘325 patent has been issued. Align must respond to this notice within two months’ time if reversal of the USPTO’s determination is to be pursued. The USPTO is set to issue formal rejections in the ‘487 and ‘880 patents in the weeks ahead based upon some of the same evidence.

“It has been our longstanding position that Align’s patents offered nothing new or novel given the historic inventions made by orthodontists over the years.” said Jarrett Pumphrey, CEO, ClearCorrect. “At ClearCorrect we are committed to promoting competition and using the USPTO to further true innovation and invention.”

ClearCorrect has filed four reexamination requests concerning patents held by Align Technology. Acceptance of the fourth request is expected in due course.

"The USPTO has found that the prior art submitted with these reexaminations is not only important in reassessing patentability of these patents, but in fact, renders the challenged claims unpatentable. We look forward to the ultimate cancellation of these claims," said Scott McKeown, a partner at Oblon and lead counsel for ClearCorrect’s reexamination effort.

“Align’s claims are all very similar and revolve around a core concept of orthodontic treatment that has existed for more than seven decades,” said Mark Gilbreth, attorney for ClearCorrect. “As such, all of the patent claims ClearCorrect has challenged—and those it intends to challenge in the future—are unpatentable by virtue of the same prior art.”