2017 Event and Trade Show Calendar

Here's a look at the shows we're attending this year.

ClearCorrect's 2017 Calendar of Events:

Yankee Dental Congress Booth #1540 Boston, MA - Jan. 26-28

AAO Midwinter Booth #305 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Feb. 10-11

Chicago Midwinter Booth #4247 Chicago, Illinois Feb. 23-25

PCSO Spring Booth #407 Scottsdale, Arizona March 2-4

ADSO Orlando, Florida March 7-10

Pacific Dental Conference Booth #1704 Vancouver, British Columbia March 9-11

SIDO Spring Booth #12 Florence, Italy March 17-18

IDS Booth #60 Cologne, Germany March 21-25

Hinman Booth #11 Atlanta, Georgia March 23-25

AAO Annual Session Booth #2915 San Diego, California April 21-25

Smile Source Booth #TBD Nashville, Tennessee May 4-6

ODA Ontario Dental Association Booth #124 Toronto, Ontario May 4-6

CDA California Dental Association Booth #349 Anaheim, California May 4-6

The Dentistry Show Booth #H20 Birmingham, England May 12-13

ADC Australian Dental Congress Booth #171 Melbourne, Australia May 17-21

EOS European Orthodontic Society Booth #28 Montreux, Switzerland June 5-10

FNDC Booth #827 Orlando, Florida June 22-24

GORP Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program Booth #52 Cleveland, Ohio August 3–6, 

CDA California Dental Association Booth #1628 San Francisco, California August 24-26

RMSO Rocky Mountain Society of Orthodontists Booth #109 Salt Lake City, Utah Sept. 8-9

CAO Canadian Association of Orthodontists Booth #307 Toronto, Ontario Sept. 15-16

Dentsply Sirona World Booth #812 Las Vegas, Nevada Sept. 14-16

AOS Booth #28 Clearwater, Florida Sept. 14-16

SWSO/MSO/GLAO Booth #205 New Orleans, Louisiana Sept. 14-17

SAO Southern Association of Orthodontists Booth #200 Tampa, Florida Oct. 5-8

PCSO Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Booth #407 Reno, Nevada Oct. 11-15

ADA American Dental Association Booth #2819 Atlanta, Georgia Oct. 19-21

SIDO Booth #34 Rome, Italy Oct. 19-21

MKS Booth #28 Dallas, Texas Oct. 27-28

MASO Mid-Atlantic Society of Orthodontists Booth #9 Southhampton, Bermuda Nov. 2-5

NESO North Eastern Society of Orthodontists Booth #215 Boston, Massachusetts Nov. 9-12

Greater New York Dental Meeting Booth #5034 New York, New York Nov. 24-29

ClearCorrect patient review: Mercedes Flores

Dr. Andres Ramirez and his patient Mercedes Flores recently sat down with us to discuss Mercedes' treatment and overall ClearCorrect experience.

ClearCorrect editorial: Dr. Peter Gardell

ClearCorrect provider Dr. Peter Gardell recently wrote an editorial for dentaltown on the use of CEREC Ortho for digital impressions:

Orthdontic Roadblocks: How to Get Patients to Say Yes to Treatment


U.S. Patent Office sides with ClearCorrect to reexamine Invisalign patent portfolio

USPTO finds significant questions of patentability exist relative to Align Technology’s patents and moves to cancel key claims

Round Rock, TX - June 17, 2015 - ClearCorrect, LLC, a leading manufacturer of clear aligners, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has granted ClearCorrect’s request for reexamination of U.S. Patents 6,217,325 (the “’325 patent”); 8,070,487 (the “‘487 patent”); and 6,722,880 (the “‘880 patent”), assigned to Align Technology, Inc.

ClearCorrect’s evidence of unpatentability has been accepted by the USPTO across all challenged patents. A formal rejection of the claims of the ‘325 patent has been issued. Align must respond to this notice within two months’ time if reversal of the USPTO’s determination is to be pursued. The USPTO is set to issue formal rejections in the ‘487 and ‘880 patents in the weeks ahead based upon some of the same evidence.

“It has been our longstanding position that Align’s patents offered nothing new or novel given the historic inventions made by orthodontists over the years.” said Jarrett Pumphrey, CEO, ClearCorrect. “At ClearCorrect we are committed to promoting competition and using the USPTO to further true innovation and invention.”

ClearCorrect has filed four reexamination requests concerning patents held by Align Technology. Acceptance of the fourth request is expected in due course.

"The USPTO has found that the prior art submitted with these reexaminations is not only important in reassessing patentability of these patents, but in fact, renders the challenged claims unpatentable. We look forward to the ultimate cancellation of these claims," said Scott McKeown, a partner at Oblon and lead counsel for ClearCorrect’s reexamination effort.

“Align’s claims are all very similar and revolve around a core concept of orthodontic treatment that has existed for more than seven decades,” said Mark Gilbreth, attorney for ClearCorrect. “As such, all of the patent claims ClearCorrect has challenged—and those it intends to challenge in the future—are unpatentable by virtue of the same prior art.”

Interview: Dr. Meena Barsoum

Dr. Meena Barsoum tells us why ClearCorrect and CEREC fit so well together.

New video: Why orthodontics matters

Why does orthodontics matter?

Find out in the first video in ClearCorrect's new orthodontic training series, covering the benefits of proper occlusion:


We hope you found this instructional video useful. If you have any questions, give us a call at (888) 331-3323.

Untill next time...

ITC ruling will not affect ClearCorrect's products or service

ClearCorrect's US operation remains unrestricted; Align Technology's litigious campaign remains unsuccessful

ClearCorrect, LLC announced today that it received notice of an initial determination in the patent infringement complaint filed by Align Technology, Inc. with the US International Trade Commission (ITC).

Align's complaint, filed in March 2012, alleged that ClearCorrect and ClearCorrect Pakistan (Private) Ltd. ("ClearCorrect Pakistan") infringed claims of seven Align patents and sought to have ClearCorrect excluded from the US market. Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Rogers' initial determination presents his opinion that ClearCorrect did not infringe any of Align's product claims, but that Align's method claims (those claims concerning the way a certain process is performed) were infringed. The ALJ's opinion will be one of the factors that the ITC will take under consideration when making its final ruling, expected in September 2013. In Align's previous ITC complaint against ClearCorrect, the ITC decided to reverse ALJ Rogers' initial determination and found no wrongdoing by ClearCorrect.

"We view the preliminary ruling on the product claims as a big win and look forward to the Commission's review of the method claims," said Jarrett Pumphrey, ClearCorrect CEO. Indeed, the ITC's own staff attorneys have interpreted US patent law to mean that ClearCorrect does not infringe most of Align's method claims and ClearCorrect will present that interpretation when it asks the Commissioners to find no infringement of any of Align's patents. "We're hopeful the Commission will view the law as both we and their staff attorneys do," continued Pumphrey, "but even if the Commission upholds the Judge's recommendation in full, it won't have any material impact on our company or our ability to make aligners. That's what counts." In fact, ClearCorrect recently invested in increasing the production capacity of its US-based manufacturing facility by another 30%. "Business has been good lately," Pumphrey added, "and we're happy we can continue servicing our doctors who have all been so supportive."

The notice of the initial determination did not include the recommended remedy. However, the worst-case scenario for ClearCorrect would simply be the exclusion of computer data prepared by ClearCorrect Pakistan. Because ClearCorrect manufactures its aligners in the US, there are no aligner imports for the ITC to block. Though only last month Align boasted "ClearCorrect [would] be excluded from the domestic market," the reality is ClearCorrect is still allowed to service its customers in the US and will continue to do so. The preliminary decision thus falls squarely in line with Align's other failed efforts to prevent competition through litigation. Align's highly-publicized case against Ormco Corporation resulted in the invalidation of Align's patent claims and a settlement that paid Ormco tens of millions of dollars, including 10% of Align's stock. Align's first ITC case against ClearCorrect resulted in complete victory for ClearCorrect. And now Align's second ITC case has failed to prevent ClearCorrect from competing in the US market.

"ClearCorrect fully intends to press the investigation further and ask the Commission to find that Align's patents are invalid because of the vast amount of prior art," said Mike Myers, ClearCorrect's legal counsel. "ClearCorrect has always held that orthodontists taught Align about clear aligners, not the other way around, and, if necessary, ClearCorrect will pursue its arguments all the way up to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the same court that held Align's patents invalid in the Ormco case."

Notice Regarding Initial Determination on Violation of Section 337 and Recommended Determination on Remedy and Bond

Phase Out's first five projects

We’re six months into Phase Out, and already with your help we have been able to donate over $60,000 to our friends at charity: water. This will bring clean, safe drinking water to about 3,000 people in need.
A few weeks ago, we were told by charity: water that of the $60,000 donated, $36,555 has been allocated toward funding Phase Out’s first five projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These projects are planned for a mix of villages, schools and clinics with a strong emphasis on hygiene, sanitation training and community buy-in to ensure sustainability and prevention of water-borne diseases, providing a safer and healthier environment. The funds will help create spring protections, rainwater catchments and large-scale gravity-fed water systems that will have dozens of distribution points to serve a large population in the DRC.

To all of those who have contributed to Phase Out, thank you.

We're really excited about the future and looking forward to sharing this story with you.  Look for more updates from us about these projects as we learn about their development. 

Until next time...

Use your feet to stand for something

A few weeks ago, we imagined what it might be like to go without access to clean drinking water. Today, April 10th, we're imagining what it's like to go without shoes. TOMS started One Day Without Shoes as an annual event to spread awareness about the millions of children who go without shoes every day. Without any sort of protection on their feet, these kids are exposed to injury and disease, and some are not even allowed to go to school without shoes. We think it’s a cause worth supporting, so we're going barefoot to raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life.



Use your feet to stand for something. For more information on One Day Without Shoes, visit OneDayWithoutShoes.com.

World Water Day

For almost 20 years now, March 22nd has been known as World Water Day, a special day where you can step back and just think about water and the role it plays in your life.

Just try and go a day without using a tap—I guarantee you'll notice very quickly how much you use water and what it might be like to try to go without it. But that's what it's like for millions and millions of people all over the world. Clean, safe drinking water is a basic need that almost a billion people live without.

A few months ago we teamed up with charity: water to do our part to help solve the water crisis through our Phase Out program. We've told you how Phase Out works, how much you've helped us donate so far, and how many people we'll be able to help because of it. Now we want to show you just how much charity: water can do with a little help.

This year, charity: water is launching a campaign to pledge birthdays for World Water Day, and we decided we want in. Here's how it works: when your next birthday comes around, don't ask for presents. Just ask that people take whatever they would normally spend on a birthday gift for you, and donate that amount to charity: water. It's a simple idea, but it's so powerful at the same time.

We’ve already started getting birthday pledges from our guys in support—50 so far! We kicked off our birthday pledge campaign with our CEO, Jarrett Pumphrey, who had his birthday at the beginning of this month.

If you want to feel great on your birthday, if you want to spend your birthday making a big difference in the world, consider pledging it to charity: water. Trust me—you'll be in great company!