ClearCorrect now accepts CEREC intraoral scans!

A few months ago, we started accepting intraoral scans exported in the STL format from a variety of scanners, including the 3M™ True Definition Scanner, 3Shape's TRIOS®, and even Align Technology's iTero™. Since then, we've been getting a steady stream of intraoral scans from doctors with these systems, which is great!

We've also recieved literally hundreds of requests from doctors to submit cases using Sirona's CEREC scanners, which can't export STL files. We made it our mission to find a way to make this work. We've been beta-testing the process with our PREP doctors, and now we're proud to announce that we can accept scans directly from CEREC's Omnicam and Bluecam via Sirona Connect!

Here's what the PREP doctors have had to say about using CEREC scanners with ClearCorrect:

“I have been a ClearCorrect provider for over three years now. During my time as a provider, I have always been impressed that ClearCorrect actually listens to feedback we suggest as providers and even incorporates these ideas into their product! The latest idea is the ability to use my CEREC Omnicam to take intraoral scans. I've always wanted to use my CEREC for clear aligners, and now I can. I've seen the control and accuracy that an all-digital workflow delivers first-hand. Every ClearCorrect case that I've submitted using my CEREC Omnicam has fit impeccably, right from the start.” —Dr. David Thurman
“I have been a ClearCorrect and CEREC user for about 3 years now. The CEREC has changed the way I practice dentistry by giving me an accurate and predictable treatment modality, providing the very best restorations for my patients. Similarly, ClearCorrect has really evolved over the past few years where now I'm getting the same predictability and outcomes in my orthodontic cases.  I am pleased to say that I've had to do minimal refinements on my cases, greatly enhancing the patient experience, expectation and outcomes. Needless to say I was thrilled at the opportunity to combine the digital accuracy of CEREC with the predictability and simplicity of ClearCorrect. As a Bluecam user I was able to image the entire mouth in about 8 minutes, quadrant by quadrant. The Phase Zero try-in fit perfectly and currently the case is progressing without any issues. I'm excited to be able to combine both technologies and get rid of PVS once and for all!” —Dr. Meena Barsoum

We want to thank our PREP doctors for helping us develop new techniques and for being a valuable part of ClearCorrect's future.

ITC terminates Invisalign's enforcement case against ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect, LLC, announced today it received notice that the US International Trade Commission (ITC) has terminated an investigation brought by Invisalign maker Align Technology, Inc.

On January 4, 2013, the Commission issued notice that it had terminated the March 2012 enforcement complaint filed by Align against ClearCorrect Operating, LLC, (“ClearCorrect USA”) and ClearCorrect Pakistan (Private), Ltd., (“ClearCorrect Pakistan”). Align’s enforcement complaint sought to bind ClearCorrect USA and ClearCorrect Pakistan to the terms of a 2006 Consent Order between Align and former competitor OrthoClear, because certain employees of ClearCorrect Pakistan once worked for OrthoClear. The ITC, however, found that there has been “no violation of the consent order” by ClearCorrect USA or ClearCorrect Pakistan and terminated the case.

“We’re very happy with this decision from the ITC,” said Jarrett Pumphrey, ClearCorrect’s CEO. “We think the decision validates what we’ve been saying all along: we’re not OrthoClear.”

Still on the table is the patent infringement complaint Align also filed with the ITC. Bolstered by its victory in the enforcement case, ClearCorrect is as confident as ever that it does not infringe any valid intellectual property, and in fact, looks forward to invalidating the overly-broad patent claims Align has served up.

“ClearCorrect's recent victory does not end its pursuit of judicial findings that Align's patent claims are invalid because they merely claim what orthodontists have been doing for decades,” said Mike Myers, ClearCorrect’s legal counsel. “The validity of Align's patent claims was last tested in its litigation against Ormco Corporation when the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit invalidated every Align patent claim it reviewed.“

ITC Notice
Notice of Commission Determination to Review and Reverse an Initial Determination of the Presiding Administrative Law Judge; Termination of the Enforcement Proceeding (PDF)

Invisalign hopes third time’s the charm at beating ClearCorrect in the courts rather than the free market

ClearCorrect, LLC, a manufacturer of clear aligners, received notice that Align Technology, Inc., (the maker of Invisalign®) has filed another round of lawsuits alleging patent infringement, this time in two complaints to the US International Trade Commission (ITC).

The first complaint alleges ClearCorrect is infringing seven patents related to methods of planning and implementing orthodontic treatment with aligners. Several of the patents-in-issue overlap patents from Align's federal suit against ClearCorrect filed just last year. Though filing complaints with the ITC is a clear favorite from Align's "how to beat your competition" playbook, ClearCorrect remains unfazed.

"We're certain we don't infringe any valid patents," said Jarrett Pumphrey, ClearCorrect CEO. "It doesn't matter how many times they sue us or where they sue us -- that won't change. The only thing this changes is who we'll be proving that to."

In fact, according to ClearCorrect's legal counsel, Mike Myers, ClearCorrect welcomes the ITC action, "The ITC process is generally faster, so ClearCorrect can makes its case sooner rather than later. ClearCorrect has always maintained that orthodontists taught Align how to straighten teeth, not the other way around. In its first two cases, Align was never able to show that ClearCorrect does anything other than practice the vast prior art developed by orthodontists over the last 70 years, which ClearCorrect is free to do. The new filings should allow ClearCorrect to promptly demonstrate the scope of its work and thereby continue to focus on servicing its customers distraction-free."

The second complaint seeks enforcement of a Consent Order granted in 2006 from an ITC action between Align and OrthoClear. Though ClearCorrect is not OrthoClear, Align is apparently asking the ITC to recognize them as the same company and enforce a Consent Order that would otherwise not apply.

Per Align, certain employees of ClearCorrect Pakistan (Private) Ltd., a company started in Lahore, Pakistan, to support the domestic and international growth of ClearCorrect, are in violation of the Consent Order. Align contends that those employees previously worked for OrthoClear and are now engaging in alleged "infringing activities." The employees of ClearCorrect Pakistan use the process developed in the US by ClearCorrect, which does not infringe any of Align's valid patents. This is simply another way Align is attempting to use the courts to scare doctors and disrupt fair and legitimate competition.

"Align has been trying to convince doctors that we're OrthoClear for years. This is just more of the same," said Pumphrey. "The truth is, as we've planned and positioned for international growth, we found a motivated and passionate workforce in Pakistan to support it -- just like Align did, once upon a time. But that doesn't make us OrthoClear or Align. We're ClearCorrect."

ClearCorrect named 2011 Best Product

I'm happy to announce ClearCorrect has been named a 2011 Best Product by Dental Product Shopper magazine.

They chose 14 doctors to interview and survey about ClearCorrect's clear aligner system, including its customer service and product effectiveness.  See the full report here.