Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Prendergast!

A big thank you to all who donated and entered to win a FREE full case in our September campaign supporting charity: water. The contest came to an end last night, and this morning we drew Dr. Thomas Prendergast's name in the September Campaign sweepstakes for a free full case. Congratulations Dr. Prendergast!!

To learn more about phase donations and the Phase Out program visit our Phase Out page, or check out the video below.

Help us help others...and win!

Help us raise $15,000 for water projects in Rwanda this September.

We're 8 months into the Phase Out program and so far you've helped us raise over $79,000 to phase out unsafe drinking water for thousands of people.

Every September, charity: water celebrates their birthday with one big, ambitious goal. This year, they're focusing on Rwanda, and we want to help. Everything we raise this month will go toward helping charity: water hit their goal of raising $1.7 million for clean and safe drinking water in Rwanda.

We have a goal to raise $15,000 in the month of September, through Phase Out donations, and donations from the ClearCorrect family. We encourage doctors, patients, and friends of ClearCorrect to give, and for our doctors who donate we thought it would be nice to reward them!


Every $20 donated to ClearCorrect's charity:water campaign by a doctor equals one entry into a drawing to win a free Full case!* There is no limit to how many entries you can earn -- so keep on giving!

Will you help us make our first September campaign our best month yet?

* One voucher valid for a Full case will be awarded to a person chosen at random from all entrants. To qualify, donate $20 or more to ClearCorrect's September campaign at or send a handwritten notecard with your name and address to 15151 Sommermeyer St. Houston, TX 77041. Limit one handwritten entry per provider. (Seriously, wouldn't it be easier just to give?) Entries must be received by September 30, 2012. You will receive one entry in the drawing for each multiple of $20 that you donate by September 30, 2012. Automatic Phase Out contributions from unused phases do not count towards the drawing. 100% of your donations will go directly to charity: water to be used for water projects in Rwanda.

Phase Out's first five projects

We’re six months into Phase Out, and already with your help we have been able to donate over $60,000 to our friends at charity: water. This will bring clean, safe drinking water to about 3,000 people in need.
A few weeks ago, we were told by charity: water that of the $60,000 donated, $36,555 has been allocated toward funding Phase Out’s first five projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These projects are planned for a mix of villages, schools and clinics with a strong emphasis on hygiene, sanitation training and community buy-in to ensure sustainability and prevention of water-borne diseases, providing a safer and healthier environment. The funds will help create spring protections, rainwater catchments and large-scale gravity-fed water systems that will have dozens of distribution points to serve a large population in the DRC.

To all of those who have contributed to Phase Out, thank you.

We're really excited about the future and looking forward to sharing this story with you.  Look for more updates from us about these projects as we learn about their development. 

Until next time...

Phase Out t-shirts

We had some t-shirts made a while back featuring great artwork by our graphic designer, Zach Kimmel. These were originally only available to ClearCorrect employees, but it seems like a shame to keep these to ourselves.

So now we're offering these t-shirts to our providers for a limited time. There's only a limited number of shirts available, so if you want a particular size, you should order quickly. We have two designs: a geometric heart/water design titled Give, and a hand-lettered illustration we're calling Words.

The shirts are 100% cotton and made by American Apparel. Both designs include a Phase Out logo on the back, and both are available in various sizes for men & women. (The women's shirts run about a size small.) Call or email your account rep to order shirts for $25 each, plus shipping & handling. A portion of the proceeds for each shirt will be donated to charity: water.

Phase Out explained

We recently took our cameras down the hall to interview our CEO, Jarrett Pumphrey along with a few other ClearCorrect friends about our Phase Out project. Here is what they had to say:

Almost a billion people on the planet still don’t have access to clean drinking water. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. We’re working with charity: water to change that. Now every time a phase is left over at the end of treatment, $20 goes toward building wells and other water projects in developing nations. One phase = one person with access to clean, safe drinking water. Track our progress and help spread the word!

The great wall of charity

We started the Phase Out program in January of this year. As you probably already know, every time you finish a case, we give $20 for each unused phase to charity: water.

We recently received word that the $36,555 that you helped us raise in the first quarter of 2012 has been allocated to fund our first five projects with charity: water in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Since the first quarter, we've given $17,250 more. In total, you've helped us raise over $50,000 so far—enough to help about 2,690 people. And we're still going strong.

When we started this project, we started filling up a wall of our lab with little painted green men--one for each person who will gain access to clean water. We put together this little time-lapse video of the first few months… check it out:

Phase Out update

Last week, our Phase Out project with charity: water hit yet another milestone. So far, with the help of our providers and their patients we've been able to raise over $40,000 which will help bring clean, safe drinking water to about 2,006 people. At the end of March, we closed out our campaigns for the first quarter so that charity: water could use the funds you've helped us raise to start water projects in undeveloped countries. Thanks to our providers and their patients, we're helping to ease the struggle and life-impacting issues of those without access to safe drinking water.  The video below shows an example of what it takes to build and implement just one water project.

We couldn’t have done it without you, and we look forward to helping bring safe drinking water to many more of those in need. Providers — don’t forget you can track how many people you have helped provide safe drinking water to on ClearComm... and if you’re a patient or anyone who wants to contribute to the cause you can donate funds directly to our charity: water campaign.

World Water Day

For almost 20 years now, March 22nd has been known as World Water Day, a special day where you can step back and just think about water and the role it plays in your life.

Just try and go a day without using a tap—I guarantee you'll notice very quickly how much you use water and what it might be like to try to go without it. But that's what it's like for millions and millions of people all over the world. Clean, safe drinking water is a basic need that almost a billion people live without.

A few months ago we teamed up with charity: water to do our part to help solve the water crisis through our Phase Out program. We've told you how Phase Out works, how much you've helped us donate so far, and how many people we'll be able to help because of it. Now we want to show you just how much charity: water can do with a little help.

This year, charity: water is launching a campaign to pledge birthdays for World Water Day, and we decided we want in. Here's how it works: when your next birthday comes around, don't ask for presents. Just ask that people take whatever they would normally spend on a birthday gift for you, and donate that amount to charity: water. It's a simple idea, but it's so powerful at the same time.

We’ve already started getting birthday pledges from our guys in support—50 so far! We kicked off our birthday pledge campaign with our CEO, Jarrett Pumphrey, who had his birthday at the beginning of this month.

If you want to feel great on your birthday, if you want to spend your birthday making a big difference in the world, consider pledging it to charity: water. Trust me—you'll be in great company!

Phase Out update

Last week, we hit a milestone in our Phase Out project. Since the beginning of the year, we've now donated over 1,000 leftover phases to charity: water. Each phase can bring clean, safe drinking water to one person in a developing country, so that's over 1,000 people whose lives will be improved thanks to your help.

It takes about 18 months to complete a water project, but we'll keep you updated as we go along. Don't forget, you can track how many leftover phases you've contributed on ClearComm, and you can also donate funds directly if you choose.

New free posters

We’ve designed some great new posters for you to hang up around your office.

They're conveniently sized at 18" x 24" to fit standard frames. Best of all, we’re offering them absolutely free to providers. You'll only pay shipping & handling (usually $5.95 per shipment).

First, we have updated versions of our classic posters featuring models Sydney, Savon, and Brianna:

ClearCorrect posters: Sydney, Savon, Brianna

We also have a set of brand-new posters: Case Types (featuring before & after photos, by popular demand), How Does It Work? (a brief introduction to clear aligners), and Simple (an eye-catching minimalist design).

ClearCorrect posters: Case Types, How Does It Work?, Simple

Finally, we have two special posters explaining the Phase Out program. Your patients will feel great knowing that they (and you) are supporting a great cause:

ClearCorrect posters: Phase Out (Kids), Phase Out (Closeup)

As I said before, all of these posters are available now for free. Order one, all eight, or more—we’ll squeeze as many as we can into one poster tube.

Email or call your account rep at (888) 331-3323 to order. (We can charge your account for shipping & handling on request.)