Online marketing services for ClearCorrect providers

We've recently partnered with S3SB, a prestigious Los Angeles web design and marketing agency, to provide online marketing and practice-building services customized for ClearCorrect providers.

S3 Element-1.jpg

S3SB offers a full suite of services, including:

  • 20% off a full website design for ClearCorrect providers
  • Updates to existing pages
  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid search ads
  • Reputation management
  • Lead tracking
  • Monthly metrics

You can call (855) 674-S3SB or click below to receive a free marketing evaluation.

Request a free marketing evaluation

P.S. You know what goes great with a redesigned website? Our Practice Success workshops! You can learn more marketing tools and tips for building your practice from orthodontic specialist, Dr. Duane Grummons. Check out our upcoming sessions in New York, Las Vegas, and Orlando or check out our Practice Enhancement e-course, coming soon!

Getting ready for the holidays

'Tis the season for patients to clean out their flexible spending accounts. With the end of the year approaching, we are releasing a few new holiday options (as well as flex account reminders) in both postcard and email template form.

You can edit & use the email templates yourself for free—the postcards can be edited & printed by us.

If you are looking for a service you can send emails through, you can try companies like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or Hubspot. They are set up to help you send mass emails like this to your database.

The postcards can be hand outs at your office or at events, or they can be mailed to an address list.

Check out our store to see all the new template options. Happy Holidays.


Perfect-A-Smile pontic paint now available

perfect_a_smile_paintsWe'd like to introduce a new addition to our online store: Perfect-A-Smile pontic paint.

Typically, doctors will fill a pontic void with composite material which has a tendency to pop back out and can be wasteful.

Perfect-A-Smile is a light curable paste that comes in 3 shades and can be painted on any aligner material to mask a space or missing tooth, giving the effect of a filled in tooth. It bonds to any thermoplastic aligner. No conditioner or preparation needed.

Our prices are 10% lower than current retail prices, and from now through Friday, October 31st, we will be offering Perfect-A-Smile at an additional 10% off. Perhaps you can paint yourself some vampire pontics. Mu-ahah. 

Happy Halloween. Until next time....

  Visit our store


Now in store: free patient email templates

Need help with quick promotional ideas for your office? Download a free email letter that you can send to your customer database. The email template is designed so that you can personalize and edit it to your satisfaction. Once sent, you can watch your inbox fill up with appointment requests. We have designed a couple options for you. Feel free to use whichever you like - or all of them.

Click the image below to view the patient email templates on our store:


 Happy patient hunting.

Until next time...

Aligner cleaner now on sale!

We are very excited to announce a new product in our online store -- Smile Again orthodontic appliance cleaner, manufactured by ProTech.

Smile Again is an extra-strength, concentrated prosthetic cleaner which will safely and efectively help to remove coffee, tea, tobacco, iron stains, plaque, tartar, calcium and calculus without damaging the aligners. Simply stir one packet into a cup of water, soak the aligners, rinse and pop them back in.

For $18, each box contains a 3-month supply (12 packets) of cleaning solution, which will conveniently last your patient an entire phase of ClearCorrect treatment. 

*This product is for sale through our online store to registered ClearCorrect providers.

Kits are in stock!

Our merchandise department is brimming with shiny stacks of orange and blue boxes today. That can only mean one thing: our kits are back in stock!

Our kits are conveniently packed with everything you'll need to perform IPR and make your own replacement aligner or retainer. Already have a kit? We make it easy to order refills, so you'll never be empty-handed. 

Visit the ClearCorrect online store to order your kits today -- before they fly off the shelves again!

New treatment options for 2013

Note to consumers: Our lab fees are confidential. Which is a shame, because they’re really worth bragging about. If you’re a dentist or orthodontist, give us a call at (888) 331-3323 to get the full scoop. If you’re already a provider, details are available on our wiki.

We’re excited to introduce our all-new treatment options, available starting January 1, 2013.

We tested countless variations before finalizing these options. Based on the feedback we’ve received from doctors, we think these new options will provide the greatest combination of affordability, flexibility, and predictability ever available for clear aligners.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Limited 6 — $███

We believe this will be the most affordable clear aligner treatment option available in the industry.

The Limited 6 is ideal for simple anterior adjustments. It includes up to 6 steps of clear aligners (single or dual arch). That’s more aligners than the competition, offered at a lower price. This price is not a limited-time promotion—it’s our everyday lab fee.

Like every ClearCorrect case, this comes with a treatment setup, and (unlike the other guys) Phase Zero and retainers are included at no extra cost. (We could have called this Limited 8, but we didn't want to rub it in.)

Limited 12 — $███

Cases you currently submit as Limited will be treated as a Limited 12, starting January 1.

It’s very similar to what you’re familiar with—you still get up to 12 steps of clear aligners, plus a setup, Phase Zero, and retainers. There's still no fee for revisions, so long as you stay under 12 total aligners. Up to 2 free replacement aligners are now included, and they won't count against the 12 steps allowed for your case.

Unlimited — $███

This is a biggie. If Limited 6 is the most affordable clear aligner option in the industry, this is the most flexible and predictable.

Starting January 1, any cases you currently submit as Full will be treated with the new Unlimited option. It's pretty simple to explain: you get as many aligners as you need, until the case is closed. That includes unlimited revisions for up to 3 years and replacements for any step at no extra cost. Seriously.

While you take a minute to let that soak in, I’ll just mention that the Unlimited lab fee can actually sink as low as $███ with our new volume discount program. (More on that another time.)

We'll also be offering case evaluations and standalone setups to lower the barrier to entry even further. And you can upgrade any case (including legacy Limited and Full cases) to a more comprehensive treatment option just by paying the difference in lab fees. We've added answers to most of your questions about these changes on the wiki, and we'll introduce updated terms & conditions soon with full details.

It’s the same great ClearCorrect product you're used to, now even more flexible and doctor-friendly.

What’s the catch?

As the sharper-eyed among you may have noticed, the Limited 12 and Unlimited lab fees are slightly higher than the current Limited and Full options. We haven’t raised our prices since we started 6 years ago, and we don't plan to do it again any time soon.

Here's why we're making this change now:

  1. We heard your feedback: you love the flexibility of phase-based delivery, but you don’t like keeping track of unused phases, or paying for extra ones. We've eliminated that hassle by creating the new Unlimited option. Increasing the lab fee slightly makes that feasible.
  2. The increases are partially offset by the introduction of Limited 6—our most affordable treatment option ever.
  3. This keeps us in line with inflation, and will allow us to continue to expand and improve our product.

If you want to submit cases before this price increase goes into effect, we totally understand. Any cases submitted by December 31, 2012 will be handled just like they are today, and charged at the current rates. Next year, you’ll have the option to upgrade those cases to the new treatment options at any time just by paying the difference in the lab fee.

I’m sure you want to know more. First, check out the wiki. If you still have questions, post them in the comments, and we'll include our responses in the next tech tip.

Until next time!

Need supplies? Take 10% off.

For a limited time*, you can save 10% on IPR and Trimming kits, Zendura aligner plastic, and other resources to assist you in the treatment of your ClearCorrect cases with this code:


Here's how to place your order:

  1. Visit the store and browse the product categories.
  2. Select items for your order by clicking "Add to Cart".
  3. At checkout, enter code SAVE10 in the "Discount Code" window. You can then choose to have us charge the card on file in ClearComm, or contact you for payment information.

*Discount code expires on 11/02/12.

ClearCorrect Online Store is open!

We've designed an array of merchandise to help you manage your cases and promote your practice -- from posters, pens and brochures to IPR kits, aligner plastic and diamond discs. We've now made it easier than ever to order these items for your practice.

Introducing the ClearCorrect Online Store -- a website featuring every item that we offer, including several free promotional items. You can now view photos, descriptions, and tech specs for each item, with links to Wiki articles showing how to use them. Best of all, the store is available 24/7, so that you can re-order supplies at any time: on your home computer, on your smartphone or tablet, or in your practice before an appointment.

Here's how to place an order:

  1. Visit the store and browse the product categories.
  2. Select items for your order by clicking "Add to Cart".
  3. Order your items by entering your provider email and shipping address at checkout. You can choose to have us charge the card on file in ClearComm, or contact you for payment information.

ClearCorrect Wiki is now open!

Good news! The ClearCorrect Wiki is now open to all providers. 

The ClearCorrect Wiki is a comprehensive guide to every component of being a ClearCorrect provider: the ClearCorrect basics, submitting a case, managing your cases, and building your practice as a ClearCorrect provider. It has step-by-step guides, definitions, how-to's, and a big ol' FAQ section.

If you have any questions about the basics of clear aligner therapy, how to perform IPR, our shipping schedule, or you simply need help approving your treatment setup - it's all here!

The Wiki is available 24/7, so that you can learn and find answers at any time: on your home computer, on your smart phone or tablet, or in your practice before an appointment. A link to the Wiki is located on your ClearComm sidebar, so it's never been easier to find the right information -- right when you need it.

A big thank you goes out to all the hard-working ClearCorrect staff members who made this amazing resource available! Please let us know what you think!