Tech Tip: Staff incentives

Playing team games and offering staff incentives is a great way to boost clear aligner cases in your practice and get the team motivated. You may already have some in place, but we thought we'd offer a few from some of our providers that have proven successful for them. 


Sample bonus programs

First appointment referrals

Provide a bonus for first appointment referrals - getting your staff to promote your practice to friends, family, anything outside the office, where it results in a first appointment referred by them.

This can be easily managed with referral cards, which should always be kept available to be handed out. The referral cards can offer a free service, for example a free exam, X-rays and consultation, showing the cost value ($200).

Or implementing a bonus structure for all staff to provide incentive for starting cases: for example, with every new case approved putting $100 in a pot that the staff evenly split each quarter. 

Online reviews

Provide a bonus for reviews solicited by staff on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Healthgrades, Reputation building sites.pngRatemd, etc. 

  • Staff documents the solicitation and submits for a bonus
  • Can establish a bonus scale; higher bonuses for Google, Yahoo & Yelp reviews

Production bonuses/games

Establish weekly, monthly or quarterly bonuses based on practice metrics reflecting improvement.

  • Set a specific case submission goal for the whole team and award the entire team if the goal is met or exceeded
  • Bonus for the staff with the highest number of referrals
  • Bonus for the staff with the highest number of case starts

Tip: Pay out bonuses immediately. Do not let them accumulate or pay them at the end of the week or monthly. The instant return for good work well done inspires more of the same.

Additional incentive ideas

  • Clear aligners for staff or their family members
  • Individualized incentives (something specific the staff wants to request)
  • Annual retreat/Team trips (cruises, amusement parks, etc.), if yearly production quota for clear aligner cases is met. 
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