2012: Year in Review

It's that time of year again! As we wind down another great year, we took a trip down memory lane to revisit ClearCorrect highlights from 2012.

Let's review!

January 2012

  • Together with charity:water, we launched Phase Out, our initiative to end the tragedies caused by unsafe drinking water by donating $20 for each leftover phase of treatment to build wells and other water projects in developing nations.
  • We officially revealed Zendura as our plastic of choice to manufacture your aligners. 
  • Our midcourse correction forms got a design update.

February 2012

  • We introduced you to Tom Kretzschmar, a new ClearCorrect patient who gave us a great testimonial.
  • The treatment plan got a makeover, into a more informative, earth-friendly, single-page guide to your patient's treatment.

March 2012

  • We busted five common midcourse correction myths and helped you sync your Phase Zero appointments to our timeline. 
  • We were featured on a local radio show called Small Business Today.

April 2012

May 2012

  • We made logging into ClearComm even easier, only because we love you.
  • We also released a friendly reminder that we moved locations...a year ago.
  • We visited the practice of Dr. Joshua Jones to film an inverview. You may recognize him from our mailers!
  • Our talented creative team kept the updates coming with newly-designed case revision and case completion forms.
  • We showed you how to transfer a case to another ClearCorrect provider without a hitch.

June 2012

  • With our new Timeline, we showed you how to sync your schedule with ours to avoid wasting aligners and chair time.
  • We asked you what you wanted to know in future tech tips -- and boy, did you tell us!
  • We explained a little more about the mission of Phase Out and how you have helped us contribute over $_____ to the cause.Our great wall of charity was also featured in a stop-motion video!
  • One year later, Align's lawsuit against us was stayed indefinitely by the US District Court

July 2012

  • Dentaltown nomintated us for 3 Townie Choice Awards! (You like us...you really like us!)
  • Objet, the makers of our 3D laser printing system, flew a film crew in from Israel to film a testimonial video.
  • We sent out a quippy mailer about a Mini Promo Kit...and received a few confused phone calls.
  • Paul Dihn showed us how to avoid undercuts while taking impressions.
  • Our service-driven account reps shared some tips on managing your cases more efficiently.

August 2012

  • We began laser-marking our aligners with the patient's case and step numbers.
  • We launched the ClearCorrect Wiki as a free resource tool to help you manage your cases.
  • We launched a series of troubleshooting tech tips to help you break tight contacts, help the aligners seat comfortably, and solve those pesky engager issues. 

September 2012

  • charity:water had a birthday, and we helped them celebrate with a video and our biggest-ever Phase Out fundraising campaign! With your help, we raised over $10,000 -- and Dr. Tom Prendergast won a free case!
  • We launched the official ClearCorrect online store, giving you more ways to order the supplies you need at "provider perk" prices. Based on the reaction to our first-ever discount code, it's safe to say you love it as much as we do!
  • We reviewed the Informed Consent & Agreement form, which can help your patient understand their treatment. And yes, you should always read the fine print...

October 2012

  • We interviewed Dr. James Bruzzese and asked him about his ClearCorrect experience.
  • We warned you of telemarketing scams.

November 2012

November was quite eventful!

  • Movember madness strikes again! Mo bros and mo sistas united, and general mo-ness abounded.
  • Paul Dihn demonstrates how to perform IPR and handstrip tight contacts in our free IPR tutorial video. Then, we taught you how to use your IPR skills to prevent case revisions by reviewing a real-life ClearCorrect case.
  • We announced a series of workshops with our founder, Dr. Willis Pumphrey, and one of our top providers, Dr. Peter Rivoli. (Seats are still available for our January and March dates! Visit our store to reserve your spot!)
  • We celebrated our 6th anniversary with a video, featuring a retrospective interview with our CEO, Jarrett Pumphrey.
  • To top it all off, Houston mayor Annise Parker named the month of November 2012 as the official month of ClearCorrect. We were very honored indeed!

December 2012

  • We answered more questions about troubleshooting in a follow-up tech tip. 
  • Jarrett confirmed the magic of Christmas with a childhood story.
  • We announced new treatment options and system updates for 2013, including the super-affordable $395 Limited 6 case and the upgraded Unlimited case. Yep, it's as good as it sounds.

What a year!

As we close our sixth year, we want to thank you for your continued support and engagement during this exciting time in our history. We're in this business for you, and we are grateful every day that you are here with us.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday season with your families, friends and loved ones!

Until next time...

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