A few form & policy updates

This week, we're updating a few forms to clarify our policies.

Case submission form

First off, here's our updated case submission form.

Nothing too major here; we're mostly clarifying the instructions and eliminating the extra page listing our terms & conditions. Why waste paper when you can always read the latest terms & conditions online?

Pro tip: Some doctors fill the paper form out chairside and ask an assistant to transcribe it online later.

Case revision form

Next, we have a new case revision form.

If you've been ardently following the revisions to our forms for a while (and honestly, who hasn't?), you might remember that we used to have a single "case revision form". About a year ago, we split it up into two forms to clarify the distinction between midcourse corrections and refinements.

Well, now we've come back to this conclusion: who cares? Midcourse corrections, refinements... same difference. Either way, we're making new aligners based on your instructions and/or impressions. There's still no fee, although you might need to pay a few bucks for a shipping label to send us impressions.

Pro tip: Every case comes with a finite number of phases. Check your treatment plan to see how many phases you have left before you request a change that extends the length of treatment.

Case completion form

Finally, there's a case completion form.

You've always been able to call your account rep to request a free set of retainers after you complete a case.

Now there's a more formal way to do it: the case completion form. Send this in to permanently close your case and request retainers.

If your patient is happily wearing the final step, new impressions shouldn't be necessary, but it might be a good idea to send impressions in if they haven't been wearing their aligners recently.

Pro tip: Don't wait around forever. Your case might be closed due to inactivity if we don't hear from you within 180 days after we ship the final phase (or 30 days after we ship retainers).
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