About that "Mini Promo Kit" mailer

Do-It-Yourself Mini Promo Kit mailer

We hope you're enjoying your Independence Day weekend! For this week's tech tip, we want to address something that's got our phones ringing off the hook...

You may have received this postcard in the mail last week, showcasing a "Do-It-Yourself Mini Promo Kit."

We've received a lot of calls about this mailer, and we wanted to clear the air. 

First of all, while it is technically possible to trim & fold tiny brochures, posters, and a banner by following the instructions on the mailer, the "mini promo kit" was intended as a joke. We apologize for any X-ACTO® knife injuries sustained while attempting to follow our instructions.

Closeup of miniature posters & brochure

Secondly, based on the volume of calls we received asking to order a "promo kit", there definitely is a demand out there for a simple, easy-to-order bundle of promotional materials. Who are we to argue? In honor of the response to the mailer, we've created the new...

Let-Us-Do-It-For-You Actual-Size Promo Kit

(Um, no. Let's just call it the Promo Starter Kit. --Ed.)

$75 gets you:

  • 1 vinyl banner, for indoor or outdoor use. (Banner size: 36" x 72")
  • 1 small brochure holder
  • 50 brochures
  • 4 posters (chosen at random)

To order, call your account rep at (888) 331-3323 or send us an email.

Supplies are limited, so order quickly if you're interested!

Of course, you can also still order any of our promotional items individually, if you prefer. We just want to make it as easy as possible for you to market your practice.

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