Tech Tip: Another doctor shares engager tips

Dr. Harvey Mahler of Chicago shared a tip about taking impressions with us last year.

After reading last week's tech tip, he generously wrote in again to share some of his tips for placing engagers:

  • Prior to etching any enamel surface, try the template in to see exactly where the engager will sit.
  • Use air abrasion with 50-micron aluminum oxide to lightly and quickly "prep" the surface. This will clean the surface prior to etching.
  • Then etch for at least 20 seconds (only the area that was air-abraded). Apply resin bonding and light cure.
  • Prior to placing composite in the template, take an explorer or needle diamond and pop a small hole on the engager surface for two reasons:
    • to allow any air to escape and prevent a bubble, and
    • to reduce surface excess for easy clean up.
  • After seating the template and before light curing, wipe any excess that pops through the hole.

Our own engager instructions are available on ClearComm under Documents—feel free to log on and check them out.

Thanks again, Dr. Mahler. Until next time...

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