Tech Tip: Answering your patient's Phase Zero questions

The appointment when your patient receives Phase Zero and views the treatment setup is often the most anticipated appointment. This is your patient's first experience with aligners, and they are usually anxious to start treatment and see results. If you help your patient view Phase Zero as an opportunity to get used to treatment, they will be mroe compliant with your instructions and confident in their progress.

This week, we're providing answers to questions that your patients might ask about Phase Zero.

What does Phase Zero do?

Phase Zero is a set of passive aligners that helps you get used to treatment while your active aligners are being planned and manufactured. During this time, you'll get used to cleaning your aligners, get lots of practive applying and removing them, and start to adjust to any "lisp" or foreign feeling they cause. After wearing Phase Zero, you should be comfortable wearing aligners.

Will Phase Zero move my teeth?

No. Phase Zero aligners aren't designed to move the teeth. They're passive -- just like a retainer. They help your teeth stay in the position they were in when your doctor took your impressions, so that your first active set of aligners will fit and you can start treatment right away.

Phase Zero is really uncomfortable. Is there something wrong?

It's not unusual to feel a little bit of pressure or discomfort when snapping in the Phase Zero aligners for the first time -- especially if you're never had orthodontic treatment. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that there's a problem. As long as the aligner fully seats over your teeth, you're good to go.

To help ease the discomfort and pressure of a new aligner, try soaking them in warm water or biting down on some Chewies.

What happens next?

If Phase Zero fits well, your doctor can approve the treatment setup, and ClearCorrect can start planning & manufacturing phase 1. If Phase Zero doesn't fit, your doctor will probably want to take new impressions and send them in.

Have you run into any other questions during Phase Zero fitting appointments? Let us know how you answer them in the comments.

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