Tech Tip: Breaking tight contacts

We've had several calls during the past few weeks where doctors have noticed that the patient's teeth had not fully aligned on the last step, though the models show that the patient should have completed treatment.

Instead of requesting a case revision in this situation, we suggest using a diamond strip to break tight contacts. This will give the teeth a little more room to move in order to complete treatment.

If the teeth are not tracking and both the mesial and distal surfaces are tight, you can loosen things up by performing 0.1mm of IPR with diamond strips.

When we originally stage a case, we prefer to create space by distalizing teeth, and recommend IPR only when necessary. When your'e near the end of treatment, however, a little IPR can go a long way. It's a simple and effective way to open up space quickly without a lengthy case revision.

You can purchase diamond strips (or a full IPR kit) from the ClearCorrect Online Store.

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