Chewies to the rescue! On sale now.

Sometimes, aligners fit perfectly but leave a small gap between them and the teeth. This can occur when intruding and extruding teeth, or when a new patient tries on their first pair of aligners. We now carry a tried and true product to help you and your patient solve this issue!


Chewies™ help patients improve the fit of their aligners and close gaps, both inside and outside of the doctor's office. By chewing on these reusable plastic rolls, patients help their aligners seat while relieving any tension or discomfort caused by a fresh set of aligners.

Chewies come pre-packaged in handout-friendly sets of two. We recommend distributing Chewies to your patients at each fitting appointment, or including a large bag with the price of treatment.

To order a bag of twenty Chewies for $10, call your account rep at (888) 331-3323

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