ClearCorrect offers free retainers

Just a friendly reminder - one of the unique perks ClearCorrect offers is a pair of free retainers at the end of any case.

After a patient is finished with their clear aligner treatment, it's important they get (and wear) their retainers to prevent relapse. Make sure to order your free retainers within a year of receiving your final phase so you don't miss out! If your patient needs a new set of retainers after they've used up the free ones, you can submit a new "Retainer" case on ClearComm. Just remember that when you order your free retainers, it automatically closes your case, so make sure your patient is happy with their teeth. If you decide later on that more tooth movement is necessary, you can just submit a new case.

A few months ago, we released a tech tip discussing the importance of proper retainer use.We regularly get questions about how long patients should wear their retainers. Let's take a look at what Dr. Mah has to say:



How do you talk to your patients about wearing their retainers? Drop us a line and give us your ideas, and we will use them in a future tech tip.

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