Competent totem awarded to Carl Jonard

Meet Carl.

Carl is...well, he's my boss, so I'll have to be careful how I put this:

Carl's a stickler. There, I said it.

He's the creative director here at ClearCorrect, and he's an excellent designer. And if I had a dime for every mistake I've made that he has caught and corrected before it goes out the door, I'd be able to backstroke in them like Scrooge McDuck. But what makes Carl exceptional—and what makes him the winner of the yardstick of quality, the Competence totem—is not how many typos he catches, or how many mismatched colors he spots, or how many programming bugs he fixes. It's that he's a thinker. He has foresight and a sense of practicality that I've rarely witnessed anywhere else. He thinks so clearly and communicates those thoughts so succinctly, it makes you think that there's a right answer, a right course of action, in even the murkiest situations. This is what continually impresses us about him. And Carl doesn't just apply that clarity of thought to design and communication; he often shares really deep insights into how we can create a better overall experience for our doctors. He goes consistently above and beyond his duties to improve our company, and this is a value we hope one day will be instilled in each ClearCorrect employee: an uncommon level of competence.

Yes, if every ClearCorrector could somehow become Carlized, there's just no limit to what we could do.

Thanks Carl, for being so good, you're scary.

Seriously man, you intimidate the bejeezus out of me.

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