Doctor spotlight: Joe Hannah

This week, we're putting the spotlight on Dr. Joe Hannah, an orthodontist with several practices in and around Kansas City, Kansas.


What do you like to do?

I love to practice orthodontics and see the changes that we make for our patients. I enjoy my family and spending time outside. I raise a small herd of cattle on our ranch and play some golf too.

How long have you been practicing?

This is my twenty-ninth year of practicing orthodontics.

How did you get into orthodontics?

I've been interested in dentistry since high school. A family friend inspired me to pursue dentistry.

I attended the University of Kansas for undergrad, the University of Missouri-Kansas City for my dental degree, and the University of Louisville for my residency in orthodontics.

After graduation, I went to work for a close family friend, Dr. Dick Radke. I took over the practice when he retired and this summer, Dr. Richard Hannah (Dr. Radke's grandson and my nephew), joined me in practice after completing his M.S. in orthodontics.

What made you decide to try ClearCorrect?

I signed on with ClearCorrect five years ago after a decade with a competitor's aligner system. I had frustrations with the competitor's many different options that seemed to always change. After a short webinar with ClearCorrect, I treated several cases and we never looked back! We were more than satisfied, and the lab fee was less, which appealed to me.

What do you like about ClearCorrect?

Aligner therapy has an important place in my practice, although I treat the majority of my patients with fixed appliances, including the best ceramic brackets available. To incorporate aligner therapy into my practice, I need good product support with consistent outcomes.

ClearCorrect works as well as the other system to move teeth, and it has several advantages for my patients, including the starter set that allows my patients to ease into treatment. The treatment setup allows for me to direct treatment the way that I need to and the paperwork with treatment direction is so simple for us.

My staff is extremely happy with the support we receive, both online and with our representative, who is always available for us.

We send scans for all of our patients and ClearCorrect works with many different scanning machines.

Do you have any tips you can offer our providers on your success with ClearCorrect?

One of my biggest tips for success with ClearCorrect is patient selection. This can be broken down into two parts.

First, I make sure to only choose cases in which I can expect predictable tooth movement, while also avoiding cases with blocked out or severely rotated teeth.

The second part is choosing patients who I know will be compliant. I make sure to educate any interested patients on the need for high wear compliance, both in the amount of time they need to wear the aligners (22 hours per day) and consistency in wearing the aligners.

Thanks for your time, Dr. Hannah!

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