Economical totem awarded to Paul Dinh

When you think of being economical, you probably think of money (it's okay; I do, too). But really, there's a lot more to it than that. At the core of it, being economical is about being conservative, careful, and effective. It's about doing more with less—maximizing output from a limited input. It's about limited time, space, labor and/or materials yielding the greatest quality and the greatest quantity of a product.

All that said, the totem is still a piggy bank, and it belongs to our Chief Technical Officer, Paul Dinh.

Paul started our company with Dr. Pumphrey way back in the day, and while Paul isn't making aligners in his garage anymore, the way he conserves resources, you'd think he doesn't know that. Paul is always studying the best way to do everything—making models, making aligners, moving teeth—he's made efficiency his biggest concern.

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