Have any marketing tips?

While we're on the subject of promotions, we need your advice.

Some of the most frequently-asked questions we get from our providers are questions about how to effectively promote their practice as ClearCorrect providers. We've highlighted a few of our providers' suggestions in the past on our blog, but we are now on the lookout for new creative ways to share with both our new and seasoned providers.

Have you ran a promotion for ClearCorrect that worked great for your practice? Did you utilize any of our promotional items in a creative way? Was there anything that absolutely didn't work?

If you have any marketing tips or tricks, photos of your creativity at work, or just want to brag about your marketing successes, please reply to this post and let us know!

Ordering a Promo Starter Kit? Leave your marketing tip with your account rep while ordering and we'll throw in an extra pack of brochures. There's nothing like getting rewarded for your awesomeness.

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