Have you submitted intraoral scans yet?

For almost 2 years now, ClearCorrect has accepted intraoral scans in addition to PVS impressions, and the list of scanners on the market continues to grow.

Since then, we've experienced an influx of scans from several different models, including the 3M™ True Definition Scanner3Shape's TRIOS®, the Carestream CS 3500, the Ormco Lythos, the PlanScan, distributed by Planmeca, and even Align Technology's iTero™.

There are even more scanners scheduled for launch during the last quarter of 2014. Something we're especially excited about is the release of new CEREC ortho software scheduled to be launched later this year as well. Per a recent article in Dentistry Today, the new software will feature "a dedicated file transfer to ClearCorrect [allowing] for the production of clear aligners." That means faster service and greater convenience for you!

Don't have one of these scanners?

We won't restrict you to any particular scanner model as long as it can export in STL format. (STL is an open, industry-standard file format that can be exported by most popular scanners.)

You'll download your STL files from your scanner to your computer, and upload them just like your photos when you submit a case online. When you do, we can start working on your case immediately instead of waiting for your impressions to arrive.

Please do your research before you buy a new scanner, though. Confirm whether you'll be able to export STL files with your reseller or manufacturer. Some models may require a service or software upgrade to enable STL export functionality.

If you don't have a scanner yet, don't worry. You can just keep doing what you're doing. We're happy to accept impressions as well.

Until next time...

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