Tech Tip: How to avoid a case revision

As we've mentioned in previous tech tips, you can avoid unproductive case revisions by checking for tight contacts on a regular basis. Teeth can't move when they're jammed up against other teeth. By reducing the enamel a bit at the point of contact, you can free up space for teeth to move. 

Here's a real-life scenario from a recent case:

A provider checks his patient's treatment plan, and sees that tooth #24 is scheduled to rotate distally during step 7A and 7B. He places engagers on the tooth, as recommended.

When the patient comes in for the next appointment, he sees that the tooth has not rotated as planned, and the engager does not align with the engager void in step 7C. Tight contacts have prevented tooth #24 from rotating.

If you are in a similar situation, you can take the following steps to solve it before resorting to a lengthy case revision:

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Do you have your own ideas for avoiding a case revision, or have experience troubleshooting? Drop us a line in the comment section below, and we'll share your experience in a future tech tip!

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