Made to Make in America

Over seven years ago we started a little dental lab with a simple mission: To make a better clear aligner system that was more affordable for doctors and their patients.

To the consternation of most every investment banker we've spoken with since, we decided we'd not only make a better clear aligner that costs less, but we'd do it right here in Texas. No, we wouldn't go to Mexico. No, not China either.

Now, this recent business with Align in front of the International Trade Commission and all the talk of "importing articles" makes it easy to overlook the fact that only one of us actually imports our product. While the other guys have imported their aligners from south of the border for years (charging mucho dinero the whole time), not a day has passed since we started ClearCorrect that we haven't been grateful we get to make our product here in America. That we've been able to keep it affordable all the while just makes it all the sweeter.

Don’t get me wrong. We're not just blind idealists. The world's most experienced team of clear aligner experts is in Pakistan, and we're proud to have them stage our treatment. But we believe we can make the best possible aligners by manufacturing them here, and by servicing them here. In the process, we've created jobs for hundreds of ClearCorrectors. They’ve been able to care for their families, engage in their communities, and support the Texas and US economies as productive Americans. All right here.

Honestly, it hasn't always been easy. But really, what is (that's worth doing)? What counts is that we're doing it, and despite all obstacles and opposition, we've stuck with it as we've grown from that little dental lab of seven years ago to now a leader in our industry.

This post kicks off a new series we're calling Made to Make. We’ll use this series to share what we've learned over the years as we've worked to prove to ourselves that we can make a great product (that's also affordable) right here in America. As we add to the series from time to time, we'll take you through the full history of our product and processes, from made to make—how we’ve made our aligners in the past all the way up to how we make them today. As in everything we do, we'll be unashamedly open and unabashedly transparent. You'll see some warts for sure. But what we hope you also see is the kind of company we really are: one made to make in America, and damn proud of it.

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