Tech Tip: Marketing tips from ClearCorrect providers

We asked some of our high-submitting providers to share their tips and experience with promoting their practice as a ClearCorrect provider, which are now available on the Wiki. Here are a few of their responses:

Promote everywhere

"We promote ClearCorrect on everything we do: our web page, door hangers, posters in the office -- even our business cards. Current upgrades to the ClearCorrect system are prominently mentioned in staff meetings. Our hygienist is on the alert to mention ClearCorrect to likely patient candidates."

Talk about ClearCorrect to every patient

"After each exam, my hygienist and I ask patients if they know about ClearCorrect. If they don't, we explain it to them and show them the clear aligners. We explain the patients how it works and how they can benefit from it."

Build a strategic pricing model

"The main thing we do in our practice to promote ClearCorrect is to charge the same amount for either treatment (i.e. the same cost for aligner therapy or fixed appliances). A lot of times, patients are quoted a higher fee for aligners versus fixed appliances, so they are more likely to start treatment with us because of our pricing model."

Be confident

"I think it's really just a matter of confidence. If you confidently tell the patient that you have a solution for their smile that doesn't involve 'shots', 'drilling', and is a fraction of the cost of veneers, it's usually a done deal. I am careful not to pressure anyone -- it's just presented as an idea. But I can't believe how many people have come back to me at a later time, after not being interested, and have decided to move ahead with treatment."

View these tips and more on the ClearCorrect Wiki.

Do you have any marketing tips to share, or photos of your strategies at work? Share them in the comments below!

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