Models no longer included


As you probably know, we make our aligners by thermoforming Zendura plastic over 3D-printed models. Those dental models were originally just a byproduct of the manufacturing process, but since we started including them in the box several years ago, dentists have found ways to make them useful—mostly by tracking their patient's progress and making replacement aligners in their office. So it's with some regret that we announce that we will no longer be shipping dental models with our aligners. Our improved manufacturing processes have increased the quality of our aligners, but they've also been harder on our models. A new upgrade to our laser trimmer is about to make the aligners more comfortable and durable, but it will also render the models unusable by blasting through the surface. The quality and consistency of the dental models are no longer up to our standards, and we won't ship anything we can't stand behind.

Easy replacements

Fortunately, this change won't affect most of you. Surveys indicate that most doctors rarely or never used the models. If an aligner breaks, you can advance to the next step early, or you can call us at (888) 331-3323 to request a replacement. We'll manufacture all replacements in 48 hours or less, guaranteed. The Limited 12 treatment option includes up to two replacement aligners, and the Unlimited option includes replacements for any aligner. (If you want to retain your patient's teeth in the meantime, you can always pour up a model from impressions and create a temporary retainer from that.)

Every step in the setup


If you used the models to track your patient's progress, our new treatment setup should do an even better job of filling that role. Coming early this year, the new setup will include detailed 3D models of every step of treatment, with clearly delineated teeth and gums. Fortunately, there are some advantages to eliminating models. We'll be able to streamline our packaging to take up less shelf space in your office, and the decrease in size & weight means we'll be able to bundle shipments for doctors who have multiple active cases. We know some of you will be sad to see the models go, but we're confident these changes will result in a better product overall. Thanks for your understanding. Until next time...

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