Movember at ClearCorrect

These days, a clean-shaven guy coming in to apply for a job here at ClearCorrect might feel a bit out of place. Lately, it’s looking a little like all our male staff are working round the clock, with no time to shave. Some of our guys are looking like they’re growing playoff beards.

But there’s an explanation for this aside from how work and personal grooming habits collide: it’s Movember.

To raise awareness for men’s health issues, each of our guys started this month clean-shaven and vowed not to shave again until November 30th, when they’ll unveil some of the greatest facial hair ever witnessed. In just a couple weeks we’ll post some photos so that you can be the judge: which ClearCorrector will have the fullest, most manly, most creative moustache of all? Stay tuned, and you can help us decide!

To learn more on what Movember's all about, visit

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