Tech Tip: New daily summary emails

Starting last Friday, you may have noticed something new in your inbox: daily summaries.

The feedback we get about emails generally falls into two camps:

  1. You're sending too much email! I don't want my inbox clogged up with emails every time something happens with a case.
  2. You're not sending enough email! I get one notice the first time something happens, and if I miss it, I never hear about it again.

If all goes according to plan, this new format should address both complaints. Here's how it works:

All of your typical notifications are now consolidated into one daily summary, instead of being spread out across multiple emails. So you'll get just one email every morning, summarizing all the cases you need to think about that day.

If an issue still needs attention the next day, you'll keep seeing it in summary emails until the issue is resolved. Naturally, if there's nothing going on with any of your cases, you won't get an email at all.

Each item in the email summary links directly to the page on where you can resolve the issue.

Here are some of the categories you might see in your summary:

Treatment setup ready

Under Treatment setup ready, you'll find treatment setups that are waiting for your approval. You have up to 90 days after submitting a case to approve a setup, so if a case got lost in the shuffle, you might discover it lurking here.

If your case is at risk of closing in the next 30 days, you'll see a warning sign (⚠) in the left column.

Items are sorted oldest to newest. A star (★) in the left column indicates a recent addition.

Waiting for records

Waiting for records includes two types of issues:

  • If we haven't received all of the required records for a case yet, the notification will have a yellow background.
  • If we had to reject records due to quality issues, the notification will have a red background.

Either way, the outcome is the same—the case won't move forward until we receive all of the required records.


Shipments lists phases that have been assigned a tracking number, but haven't arrived at your office yet. Clicking one of these rows takes you to the latest tracking information.


Request final retainer shows you cases that might be ready for final retainers. To avoid cluttering your summary, cases won't show up here until the patient is expected to be done wearing their final step.


Everyone is assigned to receive daily summaries by default, but if you liked the old way better, visit the Email Notifications tab under My account. There, you can opt to receive instant notifications instead of—or in addition to—daily summaries. If you really hate email, you can uncheck both boxes to receive the bare minimum: one weekly summary, sent each Monday morning.

We hope you like the changes. We plan to add more features soon, like better time zone support for our international providers, and notifications of shipping delays.

Let us know what you think! Until next time…

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