New feature: upgrade cases online

When you submit a case, you choose whether you want it to be Limited 6, Limited 12, or Unlimited.

Sometimes, when our technicians stage a case, they discover that the prescribed treatment can't be completed in the number of steps that the doctor requested. Now you can handle this situation easily on ClearComm.

When our technicians recommend an upgrade, your case page will look like this:


The treatment setup will show you what the treatment looks like with the recommended case type.

If you're OK with the upgrade and the setup looks good, click Approve, and you'll be prompted to select your payment option to cover the difference in lab fees:


If you're OK with the upgrade, but you want to request changes to the setup, click Disapprove and select the first option:


If you don't want to upgrade your case, click Disapprove and select the second option. Then let us know how you want modify your prescription so it will fit within the original case type:


You'll see a similar interface when you get a standalone treatment setup, with some different options for disapproval:


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