Tech Tip: New features for retainers

Traditional orthodontic treatment isn't over when the braces come off, and clear aligner therapy is no different. After straightening their teeth, patients need to wear a retainer to prevent them from relapsing.

Here's how to order retainers for your patients:

At the end of treatment

After the final phase has been delivered, you'll see "Request final retainer" at the top of the case page on ClearComm.


You can base your retainer order off an existing step new impressions ornew scans. Depending on the method you are using (impressions or intraoral scans), you'll be presented with options to either upload your scans or ship your impressions after you submit your retainer request.


One of our new features is the ability to order multiple retainers at once.

The first set of retainers in each order costs $100, plus shipping. Additional sets can be ordered at the same time at a significant discount—just $30 each. (These costs are the same whether you're treating one arch or two, ordering standalone retainers, ordering final retainers for an open case, or ordering new retainers for a closed case.)

The $100 initial retainer fee and shipping costs will be waived for the first set of retainers ordered for a case, if the case has never been closed. Basically, you can get one set of retainers free if you place your order within 90 days of the patient's projected final wear date. (If the case was submitted after our new terms went into effect, then the retainers must be based on an existing step to qualify for this waiver.)

The first set of each subsequent retainer order costs $100, so you can save a lot by ordering multiple sets together, especially with your final retainer.

After the case has closed

We've also made it easy to order retainers for closed cases. These can be based on a previous step (if we still have the models on file), or on new impressions or scans. The price is the same either way.



For patients who weren't treated with ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect retainers aren't just for ClearCorrect aligner patients. You can also order retainers at the same price for patients who wore traditional braces or other orthodontic treatment.

To do so, select ;Request a retainer from the sidebar on ClearComm.


Then fill out your patient's information and let us know how many retainers you want to order.


Note that this page is only used to order standalone retainers for new patients.

If your patient has already been treated with ClearCorrect, you should order retainers directly from their case page. You can find links to all your cases under the action needed, in progress and closed tabs on ClearComm.


We hope you enjoy the new features!

Until next time…

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