New labels & improved paperwork

We've got a couple of cool changes to announce today.

Easier organization

First, we're making it easer to organize aligner boxes in your office. Starting this week, we'll be including a label inside each box with the patient's name and case information. Stick it on the side of the box, and you'll be able to identify all the phases on your shelf at a glance—no Sharpie required.

This label also includes a timeline, which might look a little different than what you're used to. That brings us to our second announcement: new treatment plans.

The new paperwork has a few benefits:

Simpler presentation

We used to fold the treatment plans in half, and we've been folding them in quarters ever since we shrank our packaging. Now we're taking advantage of that—the new treatment plans read like a booklet, with one page for each appointment's instructions.

We've removed all of the visual clutter and simplified our instructions. The results are clear and easy to read.

Accurate details

Despite the clean appearance, all the details you need are still there. Tooth charts represent the combined movement in both of the steps you dispense at each appointment. Missing teeth and untreated arches are removed from the chart. You can see all of the IPR, engagers, and Compliance Checkpoints planned for the case on the simplified timeline, which is now organized by steps instead of phases. (You got a sneak peek at a similar format on the new treatment setups).

Ready for anything

Perhaps most importantly, the new design is flexible enough to accommodate any new options we might want to add in the future. In fact, there's one improvement in particular that we plan to tell you more about very soon. Stay tuned…

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