No wonder they think we don’t charge enough…

Another thing we value here is economy, doing more with less. It’s a value consistent with our goal of making clear aligners more affordable. We apply it wherever we can: Economy in our thinking, in our treatment protocols, in the design of our products, in our manufacturing processes—in our payroll.

Case in point—the average total annual compensation of Align Technology’s CEO is more than we paid our entire executive structure last year:

The other guysvs.     ClearCorrect
President/CEO   President/CEO
    Chief Financial Officer
    Chief Administration Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Public Officer
    Chief Clinical Officer
    Chief Technical Officer
    Chief Systems Officer
    Chief Information Officer
    VP Establishment
    VP Systems and Infrastructure
    VP Sales and Marketing
    VP Finance
    VP Production
    VP Quality Assurance
    VP Public Contact
    VP Public Sales
    HR Director
    IT Director
    Creative Director
    Account Services Director
    Disbursements Director
    Tech Services Director
    Diagnostics Director
    Manufacturing Director
    Personnel Enhancement Director
    Public Sales Director
    Public Services Director
    Public Relations Director
It’s no wonder our aligners are more affordable than theirs.
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