Now offering new merchandise for taking photos

We’re happy to announce a new addition to our online store! Novus Dental Supplies' Full Arch Intraoral Mirror and a variety of cheek retractors.

These items are recommended for use when taking the photos required when submitting a case. You can pre-order these new items and save 10%. Enter promo code: PHOTO when ordering. The pre-order 10% off discount is for the new Novus Dental Supplies merchandise only and is only available until June 24th.


Here is the selection of new photo merchandise you can choose from:

Full Arch Intraoral Mirror


The Full Arch Intraoral Dental Mirror by Novus Dental is designed to provide the highest quality digital photo in dentistry. The mirror allows you to see a clear, accurate picture of both the maxillary and mandibular arch of your patient's mouth in two simple photos.

The most unique feature is the lightweight, easy to use design. While most dental mirrors only capture half of an arch in a single photo, the Full Arch Intraoral dental Mirror is sized appropriately to capture the full arch of the mouth, including the third molars, while sitting comfortably on the opposing arch.

The stainless steel base with double chrome plating provides a clear image while preventing breakage and discoloration during steam sterilization thus making the dental mirror significantly more durable than it's rhodium counterparts.

All the patented design features can be found in this Specification Sheet.

Instructions on use and cleaning the mirror can be found here.

We’re offering this product for $65.00 with an additional 10% off with the promo code.

Cheek Retractors - Mouth Widers and Cheek Retractors with Handles



Whichever style you prefer, these cheek retractors are great for pulling back cheeks and lips when taking photos. The retractors are made of a polycarbonate plastic material and are fully autoclavable. It's recommended that they be cold sterilized between uses.

We're offering the retractors each in two different sizes, Adult and Pedo.

Each of the cheek retractors are $13.00 with an additional 10% off with the promo code.

These new merchandise items are being offered at these discounted prices for a limited time. Take advantage of these pre-order prices as they will only be available until June 24th.

Click to pre-order!

Estimated shipment - June 24th

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