Our terms & conditions, demystified

We'll just admit it upfront—terms & conditions are usually pretty dull affairs. They're full of legalese, and a lot of us just skip right past them.

However, our terms & conditions actually include a lot of helpful information. If you want to know what's included in a case, or what exactly our refund policy is, that's the place to look.

Our terms & conditions have changed a few times over the years (most recently last month). If you want to catch up on the changes, or if you never got through it in the first place, we've prepared this summary for you.

(It should go without saying, but this is just an overview of the terms as of today—if anything in this video conflicts with our current terms & conditions, the terms & conditions take precedence. And, really, you should read the real thing. It's not that bad!)

Until next time…

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