Perfect-A-Smile pontic paint now available

perfect_a_smile_paintsWe'd like to introduce a new addition to our online store: Perfect-A-Smile pontic paint.

Typically, doctors will fill a pontic void with composite material which has a tendency to pop back out and can be wasteful.

Perfect-A-Smile is a light curable paste that comes in 3 shades and can be painted on any aligner material to mask a space or missing tooth, giving the effect of a filled in tooth. It bonds to any thermoplastic aligner. No conditioner or preparation needed.

Our prices are 10% lower than current retail prices, and from now through Friday, October 31st, we will be offering Perfect-A-Smile at an additional 10% off. Perhaps you can paint yourself some vampire pontics. Mu-ahah. 

Happy Halloween. Until next time....

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