Introducing Phase Negative One™

It's been over a year since we introduced Phase Zero™—an initial set of passive aligners that gets patients acclimated to clear aligner therapy as quickly and gently as possible.

Now we're proud to announce the latest revolution in orthodontic technology:
Phase Negative One.

Traditionally, the amount of correction that can be achieved with clear aligners has always been limited by the initial malocclusion of the patient's teeth. It happens all the time—patients come into your office begging to wear dental appliances like their friends and colleagues, but you have to turn them away because of their perfect Class I bite relationships and flawless, straight teeth.

That's where Phase Negative One comes in. It's a set of clear misaligners that distorts teeth into a more aesthetically-displeasing configuration before treatment begins. Now everyone can enjoy clear aligner therapy—even those who were unfortunate enough to be born with naturally perfect smiles.

Before, During, and After Phase Negative One

Phase Negative One can be customized to create almost any type of issue you and your patient want to solve: from overjet and diastema to whifflebite and houndstooth.

Best of all, Phase Negative One reduces turnaround time to less than zero. The more inaccurate it is, the better it works, so you can have the misaligners ready in your office even before your patient's first appointment, without taking impressions at all.

Phase Negative One is available as a -$95 downgrade to any treatment option starting today, April 1.

Warning: Results may vary. Available by prescription only. Use of Phase Negative One may violate local, state, and federal regulations, Hippocratic Oath, and principles of basic common sense. Offer not valid on major continents or outlying islands.

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