Phase Out t-shirts

We had some t-shirts made a while back featuring great artwork by our graphic designer, Zach Kimmel. These were originally only available to ClearCorrect employees, but it seems like a shame to keep these to ourselves.

So now we're offering these t-shirts to our providers for a limited time. There's only a limited number of shirts available, so if you want a particular size, you should order quickly. We have two designs: a geometric heart/water design titled Give, and a hand-lettered illustration we're calling Words.

The shirts are 100% cotton and made by American Apparel. Both designs include a Phase Out logo on the back, and both are available in various sizes for men & women. (The women's shirts run about a size small.) Call or email your account rep to order shirts for $25 each, plus shipping & handling. A portion of the proceeds for each shirt will be donated to charity: water.

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