Phase Out's first five projects

We’re six months into Phase Out, and already with your help we have been able to donate over $60,000 to our friends at charity: water. This will bring clean, safe drinking water to about 3,000 people in need.
A few weeks ago, we were told by charity: water that of the $60,000 donated, $36,555 has been allocated toward funding Phase Out’s first five projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These projects are planned for a mix of villages, schools and clinics with a strong emphasis on hygiene, sanitation training and community buy-in to ensure sustainability and prevention of water-borne diseases, providing a safer and healthier environment. The funds will help create spring protections, rainwater catchments and large-scale gravity-fed water systems that will have dozens of distribution points to serve a large population in the DRC.

To all of those who have contributed to Phase Out, thank you.

We're really excited about the future and looking forward to sharing this story with you.  Look for more updates from us about these projects as we learn about their development. 

Until next time...

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