Tech Tip: Putting a case on hold

One of the greatest advantages to ClearCorrect's phase-based system is that you have the freedom and flexibility to start, pause, and adjust treatment according to the needs of your patient's case. Over the next few weeks, we will share tips on how to use our system to your advantage and get the most out of treatment.

Placing a case on hold with ClearCorrect is simple. If your patient goes on vacation or falls behind in treatment, you can place your case on hold to prevent the next scheduled phase of treatment from being shipped out to you. This way, you can receive the correct phase of treatment only when you need it.

Unlike Professor X, we don't have the ability to read minds. Letting us know when to hold your case is key to preventing wasted time, resources, and unused phases.

Here are some important points to consider about holding a case:

  • Contact your account rep to place the case on hold. Your rep will be able to hold production on the next scheduled phase until you and your patient are ready to resume treatment.
  • Sync your schedule with ours. As our Timeline shows, we try to ship a phase every 12 weeks. If your patient gets too far off schedule, you might start stacking up phases before you need them. If you decide you need a revision, those phases will be wasted, and you might need to buy more in order to finish treatment. To avoid this situation, place your cases on hold as soon as you anticipate a delay in treatment.
  • When you're ready, just ask your account rep to take your case off hold. A new phase will ship approximately 15 business days after you resume the case. Please keep this estimate in mind as you schedule further appointments with your patients. As always, you will receive an email notification when that next phase ships.

For more helpful tips and resources for effectively managing your cases, please visit the Managing a case section on the Wiki.

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