Tech Tip: Request retainers & view expiration dates on ClearComm

A couple of weeks ago, we reminded you that cases are automatically closed when you request a free final retainer, or one year after your last shipment, whichever comes first.

Starting today, you can add retainer requests to the list of new features available on ClearComm, along with case histories, intraoral scans, revisions, invoices, and treatment plans.

After the final phase has been delivered, you'll see "Request final retainer" at the top of the case page. You'll also see the expiration date for the case.

Request final retainer

From here, you can request a revision or close the case by requesting the final retainer. We can make retainers based on the last step, or you can submit new impressions or intraoral scans.

Closing case

If the retainer is based on an existing step, just click "Submit" and you're done. If you choose to send in impressions or scans, you'll be presented with options to upload or ship them after you submit your request. You can find cases that are ready for you to request a retainer under the in progress section of your case list.

In progress

Let us know what you think of the new features, and anything else you'd like to see. Until next time…

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