Tech Tip: Retainer materials

A couple months ago, we were asked a great question by one of our providers.

"What is the best material of choice for retainers after completion? We have .030, is that thick enough?"

When making your own retainers using the provided models of the last step of treatment, you may use any type of plastic that you prefer. When we manufacture your patient's final retainers, we use the exact same Zendura plastic (.030) that we use for each previous step of active aligners. If you prefer to use .040 plastic sheets, then those will definitely work as well. While we recommend Zendura as the best available material for your retainers or replacement aligners, any type of quality thermoforming plastic that you have available in your practice will also work.

For your convenience, we sell both Zendura and Biocryl sheets at providers-only rates. To order plastic sheets -- or a complete Trimming Kit for $90 -- call your account rep at (888) 331-3323.

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