Tech Tip: Short clinical crowns

Recently, we've been focusing our tech tips on troubleshooting tips to help you manage your cases when issues arise. One issue that may affect ill-fitting aligners is short clinical crowns. Because the clinical crown is so short, there are fewer retention points on which the aligners can apply pressure. When there aren't many retention points on the tooth, the aligner won't be able to fully seat over the tooth, or will "pop off".

A helpful way to prevent problems in treatment relating to short clinical crowns is to indicate any short clinical crowns and request engagers on the first or second premolars under the "Additional Instructions" section of your case submission form. Please specify to place those engagers during step 1A, and we will accommodate your request.

Letting us know about short clinical crowns when submitting a case prevents fitting problems. Check for short clinical crowns whenever you evaluate your patient (especially if Phase Zero doesn't fit). This way, you can request engagers right away and get your patient into successful treatment.

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