Sync your schedule to avoid wasting phases

We try to schedule phases to ship about 12 weeks apart. Each phase includes four steps to be worn for three weeks each, so usually everything works out just fine. Shipping and manufacturing times do change, though, so we do strongly encourage you to wait for a shipping notification before you schedule your patients' fitting appointments.

Sometimes patients' schedules change too. Your patient might go on vacation for a couple of months. Or your patient might have trouble sticking to the 22-week wear schedule, so you have to backtrack a step or two.

If your patient is wearing any steps longer than expected, or taking a break from treatment, it's a really good idea to let your account rep know, so we can reschedule your next phase to be manufactured & shipped right when you need it.

If your schedule gets too far out of sync with ours, phases might start to stack up in your office. If you need to make a reivision, all those unworn phases will be watsted. You might even need to buy more phases to complete the treatment.

For your benefit and ours, please just take a moment to review your cases on ClearComm and see if our schedules are in sync. If we're shipping the next phase while your patient if still wearing step A, let us know. We can adjust our manufacturing schedule to produce aligners more efficiently, and you can leave yourself wiggle room to request revisions without wasting phases.

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