Tech Tip: Class II corrections

Can ClearCorrect treat class II cases?

We consulted with our Clinical Advisor, Dr. Ken Fischer for the answer.

ClearCorrect aligners can treat class II cases, with or without elastics, as well as any other aligner product. It has been assumed by some, that due to the fact that ClearCorrect has chosen to not manufacture ‘slits’ or ‘cutouts’ in the aligners for the attachment of elastics, that we cannot treat class II cases. What is important to know is that this decision does not preclude us from supporting alternative methods for using elastic traction in the correction of class II discrepancies.

Other aligner manufacturers believe and promote manufacturing aligners with cutouts in each aligner, when requested by the doctor, so the doctor can ask the patient to attach elastics to them whenever it is time to correct the class II imbalance. The cutouts can irritate the patient’s soft tissues and cause the aligners to be displaced downward when the elastics are attached.

ClearCorrect primarily supports the method of class II correction where buttons are bonded to the teeth for the attachment of the elastics. This method applies force directly to the teeth and supporting structures, promoting more effective tooth movement, hence the class II correction. Doctors approve of this method because they only have to modify the exact number of aligners needed to make the correction; this modification can be done easily and quickly by the dental assistant.

In addition to the above, the doctor can use a plier designed to cut slits in the aligners for the attachment of elastics to be worn to make the class II correction. These slits can be cut into the aligners so that buttons need not be bonded to the teeth. One must understand that any method that uses elastics connected to the aligners vs. the teeth, results in much of the elastics’ forces being quickly dissipated by the aligner’s contact with the rest of the teeth in the dental arch, retarding the correction of the class II malocclusion.

We also must not ignore the other methodologies of correcting class II occlusions, i.e. by distalizing the upper posterior teeth into a class I relationship, or extracting upper first molars, advancing the upper second molar into a class I relationship with the lower molars, and allowing the upper third molar to erupt into a functional relationship with the lower teeth. Any of these treatments can be accomplished very satisfactorily by ClearCorrect clear aligners.

To anyone wondering if ClearCorrect can correct class II malocclusions, the answer is: yes!

ClearCorrect can provide the doctor a number of ways to correct class II problems depending upon the needs and conditions of the patient and the techniques the doctor chooses to use, from elastic traction attached to the teeth via bonded buttons or to the aligners via cutout or slits in the aligners, to distalization of the upper posterior teeth. ClearCorrect aligners can treat class II cases, with or without elastics, as well as any other aligner product!

Thanks for the clarification, Dr. Fischer!

For more information on the technique for using buttons & elastics for class II correction, check out our article in the Help Center. 

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