Tech Tip: Seating Aligners


Often, when delivering a new aligner or when aligners fall off track a little, utilizing an accessory to help seat the aligner into full and proper fit is a good idea.

Chewies, plastic wafers, or even a plastic saliva evacuator tip can be used by the patient as an accessory to help seat the aligners. With the aligners on the teeth as far as they can go, the patient simply places an accessory between the upper and lower aligners and gently, but firmly, bites on the accessory to push the aligner down further on the teeth.


Chewies are a spongy plastic device that looks like a small cotton roll. Wafers are thin plastic devices in the shape of a horseshoe that conforms to the full dental arch. The plastic saliva evacuator tip is a short tube used by the dentist during an intraoral dental procedure to remove saliva from the mouth, but it can also be used by the aligner patient to help seat their aligners.

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