Tech tip: A provider writes in

Today's tip comes from Dr. Harvey Mahler of Chicago, IL:

Thanks for the email. Although I only have one ClearCorrect case, I have completed hundreds of clear aligner therapy cases for patients over the last 9 years.

May I add a couple of hints to your tech tips??

We use a fast setting medium viscosity material from Parkell called Cinch. It sets in 2 minutes for minimal patient discomfort and distortion. It says 90 seconds, but we set the timer when the tray goes in the mouth. There is a wash material which can be used in conjuction with it for greater gingival margin detail.

In addition, we will modify trays as needed. I will heat the tray with a flame/lighter till I can "bend" the tray to fit over a buccal tipped second molar and cool with water to harden. We also add rope wax to extend the tray if needed or trim the tray on the lathe to shorten it.

We haven't tested that impression material ourselves, but thanks for the suggestion.

We have reshaped impression trays by heating them before to fit unusually-shaped mouths. It's always best to start with a properly-sized tray, but sometimes dentists have to get creative. :)

Keep your suggestions coming in. Until next time...

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