Tech tip: Aligner material Q&A

This week, we've answered some frequently-asked questions about our aligner material. Got more questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

For further reading and complete information about our aligner material and safety information, view and download our material information on ClearComm. 

What are ClearCorrect aligners made out of?

Our aligners are made from Zendura, a custom formulation of medical-grade polyurethane which has been thoroughly tested for biocompatability. This advanced plastic was created exclusively for ClearCorrect by Bay Materials.

Are ClearCorrect aligners BPA free?

Yes! Our aligners are FDA approved and free of bisphenol-A ("BPA") and phthalates. 

Are ClearCorrect aligners safe for patients who are pregnant or nursing?

As stated in our material information, our aligners are free from harmful chemicals and do not pose a significant risk to the patient's health. However, as the doctor, we leave the treatment decisions up to you. We are committed to providing all the information available on our aligner plastic so that you and your patient can make an informed decision together.

Can my patient drink hot beverages like coffee or tea while wearing aligners?

We don't recommend it. Hot liquids can distort the material. Coffee and tea are also likely to stain the aligners, and sugar can get trapped between the teeth and the aligners. It's best to remove the aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water.

Is the Zendura used to make the aligners the same as the Zendura sold in the online store?

Yes! The same Zendura plastic used to make your patients' aligners is available on our online store at a providers-only price of $60 for 20 sheets. This way, you won't have to compromise quality for the convenience of making your own aligners in-house.

What machines can I use to make my own Zendura aligner?

Bay Materials recommends the use of a pressure-forming machine (such as a Biostar, MiniStar, or Drufomat) when thermoforming Zendura plastic. However, you may achieve great results using a vacuum-forming machine by following these specific instructions.

Bonus question:

What kind of material are your models made from?

The models included with each aligner shipment are made from VeroDent, a biocompatible photopolymer engineered by Objet specifically for dental applications. You may view a video of our 3D printers in action here (video produced by Objet).

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