Tech tip: Aligners and mouthguards

I have a teenage patient who plays contact sports. Can she wear a mouthguard during clear aligner treatment?

Protecting the teeth and face against injury with a mouthguard while playing contact sports is extremely important, especially when your patient has invested time and money into their orthodontic treatment.

The patient may simply remove their aligners and wear a standard mouthguard during sports practice or games, then replace the aligners right after the activity is over. Instructing the patient to keep their aligner case in their sports bag (with Chewies to help seat the aligners) will also encourage compliance. 

If you or the patient are concerned about removing the aligners for an extended period of time, you may instruct the patient to wear a mouthguard with their aligners. Companies like Shock Doctor make special mouthguards for patients with orthodontic treatment. Be sure to use an aligner that doesn't need to be worn anymore (or make a "sacrificial" aligner in your practice) when fitting the mouthguard to protect the integrity of the patient's current step.

Remember -- ClearCorrect aligners should never be used in lieu of a sports mouthguard, and the patient's teeth may move slightly during any time they are not wearing their aligners. Please use your best judgment when instructing your patients on treatment.  

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