Tech tip: Dental hygienists' role

One of the topics covered in our checklist for clear aligner success is how your dental hygienists can help you promote clear aligners.

Dental hygienists are in a unique position to identify potential clear aligner patients and initiate a conversation about clear aligners before turning things over to you. A hygienist that's educated thoroughly on the numerous benefits of orthodontics can do a lot of the sales work. They can:

  • Identify conditions that may benefit from orthodontic correction
  • Identify symptoms of occlusal disease
  • Educate patients about how correcting malocclusion can improve oral health

We’ve assembled this video playlist with the information your hygienist needs to know about clear aligners:

Hygienists may also find this guide to the benefits of correcting malocclusion helpful.

You can find more on staff roles in relation to clear aligners in our Practice building e-course, available through our online store.

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