Tech tip: Empty boxes, bad impressions, and phantom packages

Empty boxes

The #1 cause of case delays is missing items. Sometimes we get case submissions with nothing but a form in an empty box. Remember, every case requires:

  1. A case submission form
  2. Upper and lower impressions (even for single-arch treatments)
  3. A bite registration
  4. Photos
  5. X-rays

Bad impressions

The #2 cause of case delays is bad impressions.

I know we've covered this topic before, but we still get a lot of unusable impressions. Believe me, our prescreeners don't enjoy rejecting impressions--it causes delays and inconvenience for everyone involved.

But we really can't lower our standards either. If we let an unclear or incomplete impression through, our 3D model will be inaccurate, and that will cause even bigger problems all the way down the line.

So please, be extra careful when you take impressions for clear aligners. Our prescreening department has put together the following tips:

  1. Use plenty of PVS material. Too much is better than too little.
  2. Use the right size tray. If it's too small, the teeth can touch the edges.
  3. Don't move the material while it sets. This can cause subtle distortions that are hard to spot until you get aligners that don't fit.
  4. Leave the tray in long enough. You can add an extra minute to the recommended final set time just to be safe. Use a timer to make sure you never remove an impression early.
  5. Don't wait too long to add the light body. Don't let the putty or heavy body harden completely before covering it with light body and finishing the impression.

There are free videos and PDF guides linked at the bottom of this email: we recommend that you share these with anyone in your office who takes impressions.

Phantom packages

Finally, our receiving department has asked me to remind you to generate a new shipping label every time you ship us a package.

If you print copies of the same label to use on multiple packages, they'll all share the same tracking number. UPS won't be able to track the package correctly (they may not ship it at all), and your materials can be lost.

That's it for this week. As always, contact your account rep if you have any questions.

Here are those impression guides I promised:

How to Take One-Step ImpressionsHow to Take Two-Step Impressions

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