Tech tip: One provider shares his engager tips

We are constantly inspired by our providers' dedicated approach to their patient's treatment. This week, Dr. Gene Shapiro shares two valuable tips on how to properly seat and easily remove the engager template without disrupting the engager.

Seating the engager template

Sometimes, the engager template can be difficult to seat, which may lead to inaccurate placement of the engagers.

Here's how Dr. Shapiro seats his engager templates:

I simply deliver the engager template to the patient as a next set of trays 1-2 days before the engager placement appointment, and ask them to wear [the templates] instead of the current [aligners].  I also make sure they wear them in the same manner as they would the aligners.

By the time they return to have the engagers placed, the trays are now seated perfectly and exact engager positioning is achieved every time.

Removing the engager template

Removing the engager template after placing engagers may also prove difficult. When the engager is bonded correctly, the engager template will be formed tightly around the teeth, making it difficult to pry off without disrupting the bond or scratching the engager.

Dr. Shapiro shares his trick for removing engager templates by splitting them mesiodistally:

Using a medium grit diamond bur, I thin out a few spots along the central fossae of the molars.

Then, using curved Goldman-Fox scissors, I create small "snaps" or cuts all along occlusal in mesio-distal directions.

I gently lift the areas around the borders of the cuts with a curette.

By now, the templates are easy to cut along the occlusal surfaces. This allows me to separate the buccal and lingual parts of the templates.

Thanks for sharing, Dr. Shapiro! Do you have your own methods for placing engagers or dealing with engager templates? Let us know in the comments!

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