Tech tip: Preparing your practice

For a practice that's getting ready to submit their first clear aligner case, we wanted to provide some guidance on preparing and setting up your practice for delivery. We've taken this section from our checklist for clear aligner success, covering the phyisical items you'll need as well as the instructions on some of the basic procedures. 

Prepare your practice

  • Gather supplies. You’ll need a way to take and upload high-quality photos.
    • Digital camera or smartphone
    • Mirrors for buccal and arch photosdigital camera.jpg
    To capture your patients’ dentition, you’ll also need an intraoral scanner or: 
    • PVS impression material
    • Plastic impression trays
    We don’t accept alginate impressions, stone models, or metal impression trays, nor do we return plastic impression trays.
  • Prepare to place engagers. You might not need this immediately, but as you move into more complex cases, you’ll probably need to place engagers. You can get supplies from or another vendor. See How to Place Engagers video found in our help center.
  • Prepare to perform IPR. You’ll also probably eventually need supplies for IPR,BIG_IPR_grande.pngavailable from and other vendors. See How to Perform IPR video found in our help center.
  • Set pricing. Typical patient costs for aligner treatment range from $1,500 to $8,000, depending on the complexity of treatment and what the market will bear. Be sure to allow yourself a sustainable proft margin. Choosing Unlimited treatment keeps costs predictable. Choosing Flex can save money upfront, but allow headroom to accommodate revisions, replacements, and retainers—or prepare your patient for possible future costs.
  • Register for an e-course or live workshop at This isn’t required, but we highly recommend it. ClearCorrect offers CE credit for a range of courses on topics related to clear aligners. These courses answer many of the most common questions that our support staff receives. Your staff can take any e-course you take at no additional cost, and they can accompany you to live workshops at a reduced rate.
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