Shipping changes

We’re making a few minor changes to ClearComm that you should keep an eye out for.

Until now, we’ve stored information about doctors’ offices separately from contact information, shipping addresses, and billing addresses. Adding or updating an address requires us to re-enter the same data in several different places. As you might imagine, this can sometimes lead to confusion and mistakes.

To reduce the possibility of mix-ups, we’re cutting our shipping options down to just one address for each of your offices. We already have this information, but we mostly use it for the Find a Doctor section of our website. When you submit a case online, you’ll simply assign it to one of your offices, and we’ll ship it there, instead of asking you to choose a shipping address and phone number every time you submit a case. If you only practice from one location, you don’t have to choose at all.

Shipping labels screenshot

We want to make sure we get this right, so we’re making this transition gradually. This change will only apply to new case submissions-your cases already in progress will be unaffected.

When you submit a case online, a shipping label will automatically be generated for you at no cost. If you need to create a shipping label for some other purpose (for instance, to send us impressions for a midcourse correction), you can still do so on our Shipping Labels page. You’ll select the office you’re shipping from and (if applicable) the case you’re shipping records for, and your credit card will be charged for each label that you create. Later, you’ll be able to track each shipment by case number.


What if the office I want to ship to isn’t listed on ClearComm?

If you want to add, update, or combine office information, ask your account rep to do it for you. You can have multiple offices, and you can share an office with other providers. You will be able to manage this information yourself in a future update to ClearComm.

Can I ship to my house instead of my office?

No. To avoid shipping surcharges and to prevent fraud, new cases can only be shipped to dental offices, not residences or P.O. boxes.

Does this affect my billing information?

No. Your billing address is linked to your credit card or checking account on file, and will not be affected by this transition.

Why can’t I get unlimited free shipping labels?

As specified in our terms & conditions, shipping costs for your initial case submission and all phases are included in your lab fee. (Providers outside of the continental U.S. pay an additional $150 per case.) Additional shipping costs—for instance, for submitting revised impressions—are your responsibility.

Until next time…

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